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Stepite’s technology simplifies the overwhelming amount of data your team must understand, amplifies the value obtained through data analytics, and empowers your team to grow retail revenue.

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The recommended products your brand can launch to create new revenue streams.                                   

This product is in beta testing within the Reviate portfolio. Please contact us if you want early access to this product.

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The daily insights you need to understand the financial impact of stockouts, the amount to replenish, and capital locked in idle inventory.

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Category Insights

The quality of a Syndicated Data Provider for a fraction of the cost

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Due Diligence

Deep category, product, and brand-level intelligence to power good investment decisions for Private Equity investments in consumer product companies. Our Due Diligence Report is also the basis of a strategic audit to ensure investments capture the intended upside.

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Executive Insights
Detailed intelligence about channels, categories, product opportunities, and competitive dynamics of your go-to-market strategy. This report is an annual report for the C-Suite audience, and best obtained 1-2 months before your annual strategy meeting and subsequent presentation to the Board of Directors.

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