Who We Are
Stepite powers company growth for E-commerce sellers, service providers, and investors. Whether it's a portfolio company of Reviate ( www.reviate.com ), a consumer product company or an investment firm, Stepite's products provide deal evaluation, new product recommendations, and recommended actions for each brand’s products to grow revenue within their respective category.  After several years of internal-only focus, Stepite’s technology is now accessible to the broader market of consumer product brands seeking profitable growth, service providers seeking to add meaningful value to their clients, as well as institutional investors seeking due diligence risk mitigation and upside measurement.

We are growing the team!

If you love E-commerce and have a passion for building organizations, join us


Launched Due Diligence report for Private Equity firms for retail brand investment and portfolio growth


Trusted by $400M public company in the Health & Wellness sector to lead the growth of their digital retail channels


Created a data-driven path for growth from early stage startup to category leader in the outdoor sports category, which layered on more than 10x the revenue

Assesed multi-million dollar opportunity for apparel and the way to navigate through pandemic-caused market turbulence building a top 1% Amazon seller

Powered an $80M annual revenue company to radically change its declining revenue into a steep incline and an exit to a strategic acquirer 10 months ahead of schedule


Reviate launched the inaugural project & tested its hypothesis within its internal companies. This project oficially became a spinoff company called Stepite in March 2020